Website Speed Optimization

When Google officially announced website speed is one of the main ranking factors in 2017 my website fully load speed was 5 sec. My ranking dropped like anything in the SERP! Can you imagine that? At that time I had no idea how to speed up my website. I couldn’t afford a professional or freelancer to help me. I had researched how to optimize a WordPress website on google and came across a very resourceful and insightful blog that offers free tutorials..Long story short, after reading and practicing for a long time I have mastered speed optimization under the mentorship of Google from my own academy. 😀

Who doesn’t love a fast speed website which just loads in a blink of an eye? Not only you will gain ranking in the search engine result page (SERP). You will also easily convert your visitors to paid customers or subscribers. I will not explain all the reasons why you need a fast loading website in 2020. You already knew the advantages and importance of website speed, that’s why you end up on my site looking for a solution. Yes, I can help you, but not for free! you have to buy me a cup of coffee first 😉 because it is difficult to concentrate on this kind of work without caffeine.

If you still doubt about my work, please see this…

Some of my work: Shoppers Gossip and Exam Photo Resize

Worried about how to pay me and how the work is going to be done? No worries I will take 2 to 3 days in reviewing your site and come back with a quotation. After you approved and sign me to go ahead I will take one to two weeks (It will depend on the website size) to complete the task making your website shoot like a rocket. I accept direct bank transfer and PayPal.

If you are really serious about your website speed feel free to contact me.